Meet our WBL Members - Laura Putnam

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Laura Putnam, Director at Neora

Member of the Saugus WBL Chapter

Born and raised in Johnston RI but now I reside in Andover, MA with my family.  Married with two sons, a daughter, 3 dogs and a tortoise, haha.  For 12 years, I was an executive assistant, then a stay at home mom.  I've run the Boston, NY, LA and Chicago marathons.  I love music, movies and cozy nights on the couch.  I am a Team Director with NEORA, an all natural, plant based skincare/wellness line.

I would say that I help people of all ages, feel more comfortable in their skin.  There is no better feeling than giving someone a new found confidence and watching them smile when they look in the mirror, knowing that you helped them get there.  My favorite thing about our products are 100% clean and can help people with everything from wrinkles to sunspots to acne...but also brain health and better sleep. 

My clients love that I am honest.  I help guide them toward the right product, and will never suggest anything from our line unless I truly feel it will help.  There are no regimens.  All of our products are stand alone products and I am passionate about helping my clients find what truly works best for their skin.

Since joining WBL, I have made so many connections.  I love the relationships that have formed, and continue to form at meetings and through our events.  I've learned so much more about where I want to be and how to get there. I am grateful to be a part of such a warm, welcoming, supportive group of women.


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